Skippered Charter

Charter with the Skipper is an excellent choice if it is your first charter or not very confident with marine charts. Many also ask for a skipper to enjoy the area at best and relax.

It is also the best way to discover the best secret spots, as all our skippers have already extensive experience in the area

The skipper can also help you at the helm.

Accommodations The skipper will have his cabin to sleep, please let me know how many cabins you need for your guests, I will find the boat accordingly 

Provisioning You are in charge to provide food to the skipper, but not to cook. A pre-provisioning service is available. Please let me know. 

Navigation The skipper will show you the best place around and at the best timing. He is also taking care of the weather and safety of the guests during the charter.

Dinghy transport The skipper will be happy to travel you ashore when needed. 

Yachting Experience is doing this best to open to all budgets: from charter by the cabin to private luxury cruises. A must for a honeymoon!

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    • The skipper knows how to stay discreet or interactive you, according to your preference
    • About food, please think that you take care of him for that
    • A skipper is an excellent way to learn more about your destination and culture
    • All the skippers are professional and experienced, sail in the best conditions
    • A tip is always welcome if you are satisfied with his job