• Friendly escape
  • Amazing Food
  • Away from the city
  • Difference Landscapes
  • Snorkelling and diving
  • Wedding
  • Corporate
  • Beautiful sunset
  • Large choice of boats

Escape from the citySingapore

Yachting Experience proposes you to rent a yacht for a day or more in Singapore away from the city. There are more than seven islands to visit spending some excellent time with your family, friends or even a corporate event. St John island, Lazarus island is waiting for you.
Being on a boat is a perfect getaway to leave the city for a time and chill. Go diving, swimming away from the crowd.

Singapore is also, the right place to rent a boat to the Tioman islands or the Anambas, witch is paradise on earth with very few tourists, especially when you are on a boat.

Sister Islands

Sister’s Island in Singapore is first a famous legend story and the first marine park and a refuge for over 250 species of hard corals and more than 100 species of reef fish, about 200 species of sponges and 12 seagrass species. If you like to do some snorkelling, it is a spot to visit

St John’s Island

In the south of Singapore beautiful clear water is waiting for you accessible in few hours. Also known as Pulau Sakijang is one of the most beautiful and protected beaches of Singapore. It was once the quarantine centre for the immigrants

Kusu Island

Kusu Island, named after a turtle legend you may discover there is an excellent stop for culture and swimming. Take some time to visit the Chinese temple and to relax and the clean beach. If you don’t want to eat on board, a picnic is welcome onshore.

Lazarus Beach

Bored of the concrete jungle, you will love Lazarus island and all these trees. Connected to St John island, you don’t have to walk; the boat will go around the islands to anchor in front of the powdered sand beach

Marina Bay

You might be used to see Marina bay and the city from inside. Being on a boat will offer you another perspective. Preferably in the evening enjoy a beautiful tropical sunset before reaching the marina.

Cross the Border

You want to take a few days away, think of spending some overnights on board.
The Tioman island in Malaysia, Riau Island and the Annambas in Indonesia are waiting for you.
Some little paradises off the city. Empty beaches, diving and locals are waiting for you.

Cruise with Familly & Friends

We are proposing you to spend some special time with people close to you. Take some time to relax on board; the crew will take care of you and offer some nautical activities and games.


“Take Care Of Your Employees, And they’ll Take Care Of Your Business” the famous quote of Ricard Branson is more than accurate. You are looking for a way to build your team up or to invite your best clients. Being on a boat is definitely an away to know each other better and get stronger. Many are already doing it, why not you?


One of the most important days of your life, you want to make something special…
We can organize you with your wedding planner for the special day with your guests or a photo shooting.
We will recommend you the best boat for your need.

Birthday Party and special event

Looking for something special to celebrate with the ones you love. Being on a boat is a special occasion to remember this day.
You have some special requests; we will help you with the organisation to success. A day that you and your friends won’t forget.

Sunset Cruise

Singapore has stunning sunset, some you need to step back to watch it. A beautiful mix of orange and purple on Marina bay. End the day with a nice cocktail or two. A nice choice for romantic time in Singapore.

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