Escape from the citySINGAPORE

Singapore Yacht Rental

Please note that the Marine Port Authorities now allow unlimited group size onboard your yacht rental in Singapore!

Want to escape bustling city life? Yachting Experience offers only the best yacht for rent in Singapore. There are more than seven islands to visit.

As a result, you will be able to spend an excellent time with your family or friends. You can even organize a corporate event. St John’s Island and Lazarus Island are waiting for you.

A Singapore Yacht Rental is an undeniably perfect getaway to leave the city and relax in the beautiful surrounding areas of Singapore. In addition, you may go diving and swim away from the crowd.

Equally, Singapore is also the right place to rent a boat to the Tioman islands or the Anambas. It is a paradise on earth with very few tourists, especially when you are on a boat.


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    Lazarus Island

    Yacht charter in SingaporeLAZARUS BEACH

    Sandy beaches close to the city.

    Bored of the concrete jungle? You will particularly love Lazarus island and all these trees. Connected to St John island, you don’t have to walk; your private yacht rental will specifically go around the islands to anchor in front of the powdered sand beach.

    See the story of Lazarus Island here.

    Kusu Island

    Yacht charter in SingaporeST JOHN’S ISLAND

    The perfect island getaway.

    In the south of Singapore, beautiful clear water is waiting for you. Furthermore, Saint-John’s Island is accessible in just a few minutes on your yacht rental. Also known as Pulau Sakijang, it is one of the most protected beaches of Singapore.

    Snorkel and discover the undersea beauty of the north shore or of Salt Pond Bay. All things considered, St-John’s is the perfect getaway.

    Marina Bay

    Yacht charter in SingaporeMARINA BAY

    A view to die for.

    You might be used to seeing Marina bay and the city from office buildings. However, being on a yacht rental in Singapore will offer you another perspective.

    Cruising in Singapore’s bay grants you a notable view of the Marina from the sea. Enjoy this tropical sunset cruise and see the city light up at dusk.

    Sister's Island

    Yacht charter in SingaporeSISTER ISLAND

    An Island of mystery.

    Two islands are separated by a narrow strait. Located south of Singapore, it’s firstly home to a famous local legend.

    Secondly, it is an important marine reserve full of biodiversity. Sister’s Island harbors over 500 species of sea creatures. It is the perfect destination for divers and marine enthusiasts.

    Kusu Island

    Yacht charter in SingaporeKUSU ISLAND

    Home of the turtle.

    Named after a turtle legend, Kusu Island is a great stop for culture and swimming. Take some time to visit the Chinese temple and relax on the white beach. In addition, If you don’t want to eat on board, a picnic is welcome onshore.

    Cross The Boarder


    Escape to Malaysia or Indonesia.

    You want to take a few days away? Why not think of spending some nights on board, for instance.
    The Tioman Island in Malaysia and the Riau Island or the Anambas in Indonesia are waiting for you.
    Some little paradises off the city. Experience diving and beautiful sandy beaches.


    Yacht charter is the best to spend some quality time with the people closest to you. Discover new activities and you can experience them together. Above all, you can totally relax on board; the crew will take care of you. Swimming and water toys


    “Take Care Of Your Employees, And they’ll Take Care Of Your Business”

    Being on a boat is definitely the perfect method to get to know each other. Build better and stronger bonds. Many are already doing it, why not you?


    One of the most important days of your life, why not treat yourself to something special and rent a yacht?

    We can organize with your wedding planner to make this day extra special. Spend the day with your guests or even plan a photoshoot.
    We will recommend you the best boat in Singapore and trip for your need.


    Looking for something special to celebrate with the ones you love? Yacht rental is one of the best ways to remember this special day.

    Any special requests? We will help! Yachting experience strives to organize the perfect event and bring it to success. A day that you and your friends won’t forget.


    Singapore has a stunning sunset, one that you need to step back and truly enjoy. Experience the beautiful blend of orange and purple with the city lights of Marina bay.

    End the day with a nice cocktail or two. A nice choice for a romantic time in Singapore. Doing a yacht charter in Singapore will definitely be a day to remember!

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