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An indescribable, magnificent sight

The Wayag Islands are an array of sugar loaves archipelagos. The main island, Wayag, looks onto the beautiful scenery which mixes shades of deep turquoise and greenery. You have, without a doubt, spotted these islands in numerous most beautiful views and destinations in the world rankings.  

Covering over 155,000 hectares of land, these islands rise from the ocean with glistening white beaches. The seafloor is perfectly visible — and it is not a view you will forget. Part of the famed “coral triangle”, Raja Ampat and Wayag, are untouchable when it comes to beautiful coral. With the short distance between the islands, a liveaboard is the best option to make the most of your trip within Wayag.

Due to the lack of facilities on the island, don’t forget your SPF and your necessary belongings!

A place rich in diving opportunities and bio-diversity

Diving in these crystal clear waters is an amazing way of discovering its wildlife. Here are some ideal diving spots for you to explore during your time there: 

  • Go exploring Pelagic Rock, with its amazing water fauna and flora. Spot the odd grey reef shark as well as dive the depths close to this amazing rock formation.
  • Ridge Rock is closer to the main lagoon of Wayag and is a masterpiece of colours. The rock itself is made of a ridge ending.
  • The Coral Garden is a great spot and offers an easier dive for beginners who wish to discover the area. It is flushed with a coral garden full of activity with small, colorful tropical fish. 
If you wish to obtain your PADI license during your trip, do not hesitate to ask your yacht/liveaboard charter broker for more information.

Go hiking for the best views of the sugar loaf islands

This area will without a doubt be one of the highlights of your trip to Raja Ampat. Enjoy a beach lunch accompanied by a slow sea breeze.

Looking for a hike up? Getting up on one of these oval-shaped domes will take you approximately 30 minutes, and a lot of strength. Rangers will join you in your hike to the top of the sugar loaf peaks. However, the views are incomparable with anything you’ve seen before. Well recommended. 

Wayag will keep you in awe at every step of the way. 

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