The largest island of the archipelago

The it place for blue lagoons

Waigeo is the largest island of the archipelago’s four main islands. It has numerous nicknames, such as Amberi, or Waigiu, and is located close to Sorong. With similar sugar loaf islands like its most famous neighbour Waisei, Waigeo is an underrated paradise and should never be left of your Raja Ampat check list! With beautiful dive sites and amazing hiking possibilities for incredible sunsets — you will be amazed by Waigeo.

The island itself has so much to offers when it comes to tourist attractions. Due to the ease of access — Waigeo is a great island to explore.

Traveling down south of the island also provides an excellent snorkeling spot, but please be careful of the strong currents. However, this is also a great opportunity for a tranquil drift dive through the entire coastline if you are sufficiently prepared.

Inland activities for those adventure seekers

Activities offered on-site include giant rock islands ready for climbing. This offers a great view and moments for amazing bird watching, scenic bays, and towering cliffs. This is the perfect place to start your inland adventure through the islands of Raja Ampat. 

Tropical rainforests make the most of the interior of Waigeo. These areas remain to this day largely unexplored and inaccessible.

Track down the beautiful Red Birds of Paradise, followed by opossums, snakes, and equatorial lizards.

A coral dream

More interested in the underwater world? Go deep-sea diving close to Waiao Beach, with amazing chances to see white tip reef sharks, as well as blacktip reef sharks (more commonly spotted on the seafloor). 

Macro fans will be enamored by the beauty and possibilities of underwater photography in the depths. Pigmy sea horses, green sea turtles, sea dragons, Indian lionfish, and other species can be spotted during these dives.

The abundance of corals and sea fans make this area such a diverse spot.

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