A seven-housed city above the clouds

Wae Rebo is a once in a lifetime view

Wae Rebo can be seen between the clouds.

Hike your way up to the top of the hills, just around 1200 meters high. Between the jungle forest and the cold, dry air — you will spot this mystical village. The town itself is situated on the south-western side of the town of Ruteng of East Nusa Tenggara. However, be ready for quite a long hike as it takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Wae Rebo from Ruteng. 

Don’t forget to pack a jumper and rain jacket — even if we are in Indonesia, it gets chilly on your way up!

A small, peaceful community of farmers

There are seven cone-shaped houses that make up this 1500-year-old community. Only 50 people inhabit this modest village — and they are especially welcome to wandering travelers.

There is also no mobile coverage and very little electricity. But this is what is so great about this Wae Rebo. Feel the authentic village life and enjoy the haze-filled views from the top of the hill. This paradise above the clouds is an unmissable adventure for the explorers visiting the islands of Indonesia. 

Wae Rebo on a sunny day

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