An isolated sand-bank that disappears during high-tide

Enjoy a short break at low-tide at Taka Makassar

What is so charming about this banana-shaped beach in the middle of the Flores sea?

Visit Taka Makassar during low tide and you can watch in awe as this beach emerges from the ocean. Due to the shallow waters, you will be escorted with a small speed boat from your ferry. Hop off your Phinisi and feel that cool ocean wind before landing in this small sandbank.

If you want to feel isolated from the rest of the world, Taka Makassar gives you that moment. Look around as you are lost at sea in this unique experience in Flores. We recommend that you bring your drone to this beautiful location to take unique aerial shots. 

Make sure to get there before high-tide or you might just miss it!

A serene landscape full of paradise-like beaches

You will be surrounded by clear waters.

Hard and soft corals are clustered around this island. Many small fish call this tiny sand-banks ecosystem home, and you may watch them when snorkeling around. However, you must be careful as the current can be quite strong. We recommend you have a marine guide with you at all times!

Just off the coast of this island, you can visit the beautiful Manta Point dive spot. This is a popular destination for divers looking for the amazingly huge Manta Rays! This fish is the largest species of stingray, reaching up to 2 meters length-wise. 

Taka Makassar coral reef, close to Manta Point

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