Your first stop towards paradise

Your landing point for Raja Ampat, let’s go!

You just got off you’re plane and have landed in Sorong for your next vacation destination: welcome to Raja Ampat! Sorong is the first step in your journey, as it is home to the biggest airport in the archipelago — and the harbour for the liveaboard waiting for you. The crew is ready, the sails are up and all we are waiting for is you!

Sorong is a town on the western tip of the island of New Guinea. It is a small industrial town that serves as a harbor towards Raja Ampat. Most, if not all, travelers go through this town with intentions to visit the surrounding islands. Visitors use it as a hub for departures and arrivals. 

The tropical climate makes it the ideal temperature, balancing between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius. 

A member of the crew will pick you up from the airport on the day of charter departure. You won’t have to worry about transfers from the airport to the marina.

A whole new culture to discover

Sorong built a new airport in 2004 and named it after a Christian missionary, Domine Eduard Osok.

You may locate it due to its strange facade painted in shades of purple. The contrasting nature of the modern airport with the traditional Papuan landscape has a definite charm. It makes it the perfect location to step further from our modern sights, towards more natural beauties.

Lush hills, mountains, and protected forests surround the area of Sorong. The blue ocean encases the island with fertile water, full of shrimp and tuna. Sorong is a great place to try out fresh fish directly taken from the sea on that same orange-tinted morning. 

How to get to Sorong

Getting to Sorong from Indonesia:

Here are the three main hubs that offer direct transfers towards Sorong’s domestic airport:

Via Jakarta or Surabaya:

• Fly from Southeast Asian hubs to Jakarta and Surabaya.

Via Makassar:

Singapore Airlines flies from Singapore to Makassar.

Air Asia offers direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Makassar

Via Manado:

Singapore Airlines flies Singapore to Manado (flights codeshared with Singapore Airlines)

Getting to Sorong from out of Indonesia:

Sadly, Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong is not an international airport. Due to the smaller scale of incoming tourism, this airport offers many transfer options to larger cities.

You will have to transfer through Indonesian hubs if you wish to get to Sorong through air travel.

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