Skippered Charter

Skippered charter in Asia open seas with the option of a professional skipper is an excellent choice if it is your first charter or if you are not very confident with marine charts when sailing. The role of a skipper is to ensure the safety of the vessel and the crew as well as taking care that the yacht is seaworthy for departure.

Guests may choose to request a skipper as a compliment to their charter knowing they can enjoy the area at best and relax on their holiday. It is also the best way to discover the secret spots around the islands as all our skippers have extensive experience in each sailing area. The skipper acts as a guide to choosing the best location at the time for all water activities, meals, and overnight destinations. 

Onboard, each skipper will have his own personal cabin, please advise us of how many cabins you require for you and your onboard guests and we will find and recommend the perfect boat. You oversee providing food to the skipper, but not for preparing or cooking meals. A pre-provisioning service is available. Please let me know in advance.

The skipper will show you the best way to navigate each destination in perfect timing with the weather conditions. The skipper will be taking care of your safety during the charter ensuring appropriate navigation of the vessel. 

All skippers have a long history of sailing experience and this option is open to all budgets; we recommend it as a must for our honeymoon guests!

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    • The skipper knows how to stay discreet or can interact with you; according to your personal preference throughout the charter.
    • A skipper is an excellent way to learn more about your sailing destination.
    • All skippers are professional and experienced; sailing in the best conditions.
    • A tip is always warmly welcomed if you wish to offer it to the skipper for his hard work during your charter.
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