Pulau Siaba Besar, KecilDISCOVER SIABA

Welcome to the Turtle City.

Siaba Besar & Kecil, two great diving spots for beginners and master divers alike

Are you a beginner diver and a bit overwhelmed by the larger dives of the Komodo National Park?

Then Siaba Besar & Kecil are the perfect places to start. Offering calmer waters off the coast of Komodo Island, these two dive spots are snorkel havens. 

However, do not misjudge this dive site just because it’s easy. It will not disappoint! 

You will still be swimming through schools of colorful fish and impressive wildlife. These islands aren’t nicknamed Turtle City for nothing! You will get to see many sea turtles going along their daily lives through the lettuce corals and sand patches.

If you want to know what kind of marine life you could encounter in the Flores sea, check out our article about the different species you will see!

Siaba Besar, a good starting point

You can start off at Siaba Besar, with weak currents and shallow waters. At only 4 to 6 meters deep, this is an amazing spot for freedivers or casual snorkellers. The pristine coral gardens and macro life makes it a beautiful spot to explore.

Siaba divesite
Siaba's hard and soft corals

Siaba Kecil, the next level up!

Siaba Kecil is the next step, with slightly stronger currents. A dive spot full of opposites. Enjoy looking up at harmless reef sharks close to the surface or watch the tiny nudibranchs on the seafloor. 

Beginner and experienced divers will both appreciate the calmness of both Siaba Islands and dive spots!

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