Pulau Sebayur Besar, KecilSEBAYUR

Enjoy the vast grasslands of Sebayur

A short cruise will land you in this deserted paradise

There are two sister islands that form Sebayur. These are Pulau Sebayur Besar & Pulau Sebayur Kecil. You can enjoy total relaxation with this natural serene landscape. Watch the rolling hills turn golden during a sunset trek in the dry season. Even though it isn’t one of the most popular islands, it doesn’t make it any less beautiful. It is an untouched beauty and the water is crystal clear.  Lose yourself in this deserted paradise and watch as the sky’s changing colors impact the scenery.

We recommend visiting Sebayur during golden hour, as it is the best opportunity to take photos of the coastline and a great time to trek up the hill without it being too hot.

How to get to Sebayur

It is quite an easy and relaxing cruise towards the island. It is just off the eastern coast of Komodo Island and is a pleasurable ride with many views.

Getting to Pulau Sebayur Besar and Kecil is a short 30-minute ride from Rinca Island.

If you are leaving Labuan Bajo‘s Marina, expect a 1 hour and 30-minute cruise through the sea.  

Sebayur's beautiful dry tropical forests
Sebayur's hills and the Flores sea

Diving in Castle and Crystal Rock

Sebayur’s coastline is home to some of the most famous diving spots of the Komodo National Park.

Castle and Crystal Rock are only a few minutes away. You can swim with enormous schools of fish and get up close to colourful corals. Don’t forget to pack your underwater camera to keep a memory of the underwater life. 

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