The nicknamed City of Rain

The catholic and mysterious city of Ruteng

Ruteng is a small, catholic city in the heart of Flores.

Nicknamed “the city of Rain”, Ruteng has a mysterious aura, with thick layers of fog covering the scenery. Getting to the town itself is no easy trek — as it’s a 3-hour drive from Labuan Bajo. You will be going through rickety paths and dirt roads but will be totally enchanted along the way. 

The isolated town is unique. In the middle of the Indonesian tropical forests, the town is covered by lush green hills. You can admire the contrasting architecture, as it mimics European construction. Ruteng‘s population is 90% catholic. The town itself consists of many hermitages and monasteries. 

Don’t forget to pack a rain jacket, it isn’t called the Rain City for nothing!

Wonderful spots for Mountain Biking

Due to Ruteng’s isolated location in the hills, it is a great spot for mountain bikers. The only bike tour service provider of Flores is located in Ruteng. You can adventure on your own or book a guided tour through the mountains. Thrill-seekers will love this experience that will definitely leave you with incredible memories.

(just don’t fall off!)
Ruteng aerial shot
Ruteng strange ricefields

Spider-webbed ricefields

Driving 30 km out of this strange town will get you to this specially mystical rice field: Lingko. These rice fields aren’t like ones you find in Bali. They are shaped like a cobweb, circling each other and make a strange formation. This is a great spot to take out your drone and get amazing aerial photography!

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