High hills and bleu seas in this modern Jurassic Park

Watch the Komodo Dragons in the wild

Rinca Island in Indonesia is the best spot to see these big lizards. It is even more densely populated with dragons than Komodo Island itself!

With over 1300 dragons, you will be sure to see these magnificent beasts crawling around the 198m2 terrain. This thriving ecosystem has long savanna’s on the coast and is littered with dry, tropical forests and mangroves inland. Rinca Island is a must-see for nature lovers.

Going to the beaches of Rinca is a great opportunity to watch these dragons swim!

Go on a safari through the wilderness of Rinca

There are three different hiking trails on the islands: a short, medium, and long trek.

You will always be meticulously guided by trained park rangers who will keep you safe. During your walking trail, keep your eyes open for wild buffalo and pigs, elegant Nusa Deers, and tropical birds.

Whatever route you choose to take, you will find something that will be thrilling and unique. The trails of Rinca offer walks through palm-lined passages, dry slopes, and exotic waterholes.

Kelor's landscape from a liveaboard
The blue bay of Kelor

Enjoy the colourful snorkelling on the seafloor

The underwater world surrounding Rinca Island is also great for snorkellers.

Several beaches on the coast offer relaxing spots and crystal clear water. Cool down after a hike with some leisurely swimming and exploration of the colorful seafloor. 

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