Raja Ampat within Raja Ampat

A miniature version of Raja Ampat

Pulau Pef, or Pef Island, is a smaller archipelago to the northwest of Raja Ampat separating small jungle islands with blue lagoons. Countless small islets are dotted around the bay, with white, sandy beaches and beautiful palm trees.

Explore the lakes, hidden in the rainforest. Trek through the mangroves and look up at the sky for beautiful paradise birds. Feel true serenity and get back in touch with nature.

For all the divers out there, you will want to go diving in the lagoon and bay surrounding the islets. Pulau Pef harbors some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world. The seafloor is littered with colorful coral that attracts an unmatched bio-diversity. This is where you will see the world’s richest reefs.

Due to the lack of facilities on the island, don’t forget your SPF and your necessary belongings!

The home of a legend

A legend plays a big role in Pulau Pef’s history — when the island was initially a large compact mass of land ruled by a Raja, a king of some sorts.

When this Raja once ruled over the islands, he overheard during the night some of his citizens from the nearby Fam Islands declare their wish to overthrow him.

In a fit of sadness and rage, he smashed his hands against the cliffs of Pulau Pef, causing the island to split. In regret of his actions, the Raja vowed that he would always watch over Pulau Pef.

The Raja’s handprints can still be spotted on the limestone cliffs, and will permenantly be visible on the shore-line. The Raja continues watching over the diversity of the islands and it’s inhabitants.

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