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Private Yacht Charter in Indonesia


Doing a private yacht charter in Indonesia offer you a great experience. It allows you to go where and when you want during your yacht charter. If you are more into trekking or diving, the captain and the cruise director will do according to your wish.

Yachting Experience proposes only well-maintained yachts with high-end food and crew. The yachts are from 2,010 USD to 22,000 USD per night according to the number of cabins and size of the yacht. We are proposing from standard to luxury yacht.


  • Navigable all year
  • Empty Beaches 
  • World-class Diving 
  • Multicultural
  • Western / Local food
  • BBQ on the beach
  • Pink Beach
  • Komodo Dragons
  • Manta Ray


From 20 meters to 60 meters, and 3 to 15 cabins. There is always a private yacht in Indonesia made for you!

The crew with often a 1-to-1 ratio will make you feel on a real holiday, taking care of the food, water and land activities.

Most of the yachts are sailing in the Komodo from April to October and to Raja Ampat from October to March.

See the link to find your boat.


There is 3 main destinations for a private yacht charter in Indonesia:

The Komodo, with the famous dragon, pink beaches, and Padar island trekking.

Raja Ampat, the 4 kings, a remote destination in Papua, a land of traditions.

Banda Island, the yacht stops there only 2 times in the year during the immigration to always follow the sun and best sailing conditions.

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