Explore the curvy, turquoise bays of Padar island

A special sight to behold

This is a viewpoint that will make you fall in love with the Flores Islands.

Padar Island is the third biggest island of the Komodo archipelago and has a remarkable landscape. Many hills make up this island, creating a paradise-like untouched beauty.

As you walk up, you can admire how the land bends in between the three bays. We recommend you reach the top at sunrise or sunset. This will give you an ethereal scenery, melting together shades of yellow, green, and blue. 

Did you know Padar Island has three beaches with three different coloured sand?

A great spot for beautiful hiking

Hike up one of the tall hills of Padar Island and have an aerial view of the three bays that surround it.

You will get to observe how the tide pulls onto the water and the tricoloured beaches. Listen to the blissful waves and feel the soft, sea-salted ocean wind.

Padar Island is a great spot for hikers who wish to have that breath-taking walk in paradise. Small paths make their way throughout the savanna, making it a short 30-minute walk to the top. However, be prepared for quite a steep up-hill trek. 

Padar during dry season, turning into an orange savannah
pink beach in Padar

Rest-up at Padar Island’s pink beach

Just after the hike up, you will probably want a welcomed rest. Padar Island thankfully offers great locations for sunbathing. With three singular bays, the uniqueness of this island is that they are three different colours. When looking down from the hilltop, you will notice the contrasting black, white and pink coloured beaches.

Check out our article on the Komodo Wildlife to learn more about what makes the beaches pink in the first place.

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