Meet the sea gipsyMyanmar (Burma)

The unknown seclusion of Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago – this is a destination that is still untouched and so pristine it will feel like you are exploring earth’s last paradise. For the first time in your life you may even considered yourself completely ‘lost’ once you discover the magic of Mergui. Inhabited by the nomadic sea-gypsies of this region, the Moken people have lived here for hundreds of years and with over 800 islands there is no shortage of new places to discover as you set sail in Myanmar. 

In Myanmar meet the Moken people. The ethnic minority group of the Mergui, also known as the Salon people, lead a simple and traditional life with adjusted for survival both on and off the sea. It is a privilege to witness their incredible way of life and having a chance to experience their culture will be a unique moment making Myanmar truly unforgettable. The list of what Myanmar can offer you is endless, from white-sandy beaches, jungle-covered mountains, secluded islands and a charter that will take you somewhere you have never been before. 

The Mergui or Myeik Archipelago is located in the Andaman Sea off the coast of the country formerly known as Burma in Southeast Asia. The tropical destination means the waters are typically warm and crystal clear waters full of abundant sea life awaits you and is now considered to be unrivalled when it comes to diving and snorkeling locations. Here you can encounter reef sharks, bull sharks, grey sharks, eagle rays, manta rays, frogfish, schools of fish and sightings of uniquely beautifully aquatic life that will mesmerise you. 

With many of the islands yet to be visited by tourists there are only a number of named islands that have been written about and placed on the map. Sail around Lampi Island, the most popular island where the countries first Marine National Park was declared in 1995. On land the diversity of wildlife is overwhelming with gibbons and monitor lizards on the ground and stunning white-bellied sea eagles soaring above. Much of the islands are created with limestone and granite with a mixture of mangrove forests and rocky cliffs.


  • Virgin archipelago
  • No resort around
  • The Mokens, sea gipsy
  • Empty Beaches 
  • Diving 
  • Seafood 
  • BBQ on the beach
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