Part of the archipelago’s big-four

A show-stopping dive destination

A private island resort, Misool is a beautiful destination and one of the biggest islands of the Raja Ampat archipelago. Misool represents one of the most world-renowned dive destinations and is an amazing spot for casual snorkelers as well.

Just off the west coast of Papua, the waters around Misool are a sea highway for large sea creatures, such as beautiful blacktip reef sharks and and the occasional whale.

The initial trip from Sorong to Misool is a 4 to 5-hour cruise through some of the most beautiful sights. Time will fly as you will sail through calm waters and observe the best scenery Mother Nature has to offer.

As the water is so clear, it is even possible to watch the colorful reef from your liveaboard. Holding 75% of the known coral species in the world, these few spots around Misool has some of the best collection of bio-diversity the Earth could offer.

Explore the natural wonders of Misool

But don’t overlook the natural inland landscapes of Misool as it’s another breathtaking experience to discover. Covered in a dense, green rainforest and mangrove swamps, you will feel like an adventurer trekking through untouched nature. 

Most of the beaches of Misool are resumed to limestone cliffs, softly eroded by the seawater waves crashing to the side. However, you may occasionally spot the odd white-sanded cove on your way around the island

— a perfect spot for pure relaxation and mindfulness. 

Misool’s Jellyfish Lake

Hidden between tropical rainforests and limestone cliffs is a strange birth of nature: a full lake that is entirely enhabited by thousands of jellyfish. 

Jellyfish lake? Isn’t that just a nice way of saying you will be stung by thousands of jellyfish in an enclosed area?

Fear not — what makes this lake so remarkable is that it is home to the biggest species of STINGLESS jellyfish. Due to the lack of predators in this lake, the four species that live in these waters have evolved to become totally harmless.

The alien-like bodies that float in a ghost-like manner through water is truly remarkable sight — an incredible wonder of nature.

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