Be face-to-face with the world’s largest lizard

Komodo Island, come and explore the breath-taking land of the dragons

The highlight of Komodo National Park, this island is a jewel of nature. Get lost in the jungles and forests, be face-to-face to the only dragons on earth, relax on the world’s most beautiful beaches… There are so many sides to Komodo Island — which explains its fame. Visitors never get bored by the natural charm it exonerates.

Komodo Island is home to many activities for all ages and people. From the land or under the sea, this blissful island has so much to offer. 

There are said to be over 1700 dragons on Komodo Island!

How to get to Komodo Island?

Getting to Komodo Island is done by firstly arriving in Labuan Bajo. If you are arriving by air, you will be going through Komodo International Airport. 

Check out our page on Labuan Bajo to know how to get to this small fishing town.

A swift transfer to a ferry or a liveaboard will be the second step towards the island. Many boats leave Labuan Bajo’s harbor to get to the different islands that make up Komodo National Park. The boat ride is roughly 2 hours long. 

Chartering a private yacht or a traditional Phinisi is an invitation to explore the island at your leisure. You can choose where you wish to stop off — making the whole adventure more tailored to your tastes.

Pink beach on Komodo Island

Where to stay on Komodo Island?

Due to the preservation of the National Park, there are not many places to stay.

Only a few bungalows are kept for special guests — such as film crew or park rangers.

Visitors stay on nearby islands, such as resorts on Labuan Bajo or the Komodo Resort in Sebayur. 

If you are looking to be closer to the island, we couldn’t recommend liveaboards more. Many traditional Indonesian yachts, called Phinisis, depart from Labuan Bajo.

You can rent cabins or charter a private boat. This will give you the most authentic and luxurious experience of the islands.

Tiare, a traditional Phinisi next to Komodo Island

What are the highlights of Komodo Island?

1. Komodo Dragons

Of course, you probably want to see some dragons.

As this is what the island is famous for, you will, without a doubt, spot a few dragons on your treks through the forests. However, you won’t have to worry about these big lizards approaching you. You will always be accompanied by trained park rangers during your walks. Enjoy watching these fascinating creatures as you explore their homeland.


2. Pink Beach

Beautiful and oh-so-Instagrammable, Pink Beach is a unique place to visit on Komodo Island.

With only less than 10 in the whole world, this coral-colored sand will captivate yoy. Come for the pink sand and stay for the turquoise waters that sway onto it. Dreamlike!

If you are on a private charter, you can harbor in Pink Beach’s bay and fall in love with the panoramic view.


3. Diving

The Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site for the wonder of the Island but also its colorful sea world.

Let yourself be blown away by the amazing sights and dive spots. From exploring wonderful coral reefs, taking pictures of macro creatures, or gliding with Manta Rays… There is something new to spot in this unique underwater world, every single time. 


4. Trekking

Offering three different treks, from short, medium to long.

Most adventurers will be extremely satisfied by the contrasting nature of the island. Walk through dry forests, rediscover the savannah, or watch water buffalo at the waterhole. Whether you’re an avid trekker or curious wanderer, take a stroll through this natural paradise.

Komodo Dragon on Komodo Island
Clown fish in the Flores sea

Is it worth going to Komodo Island?


Anybody would be completely enthralled by this natural paradise. The many activities it offers and the different sights make it a unique experience. Curious adventurers and nature-lovers would definitely need to have this destination on their bucket lists. You will not be disappointed.

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