White sandy beaches and beautiful tropical trees are what make Kelor island so serene

Take a dip in the calm turquoise waters and rest from the long days of trekking

Are you maybe feeling tired of all that trekking and diving? You will be delighted by what Kelor‘s small island has to offer. Tropical bays and white beaches, this is the perfect destination after a packed morning or for a day of bliss.

The warm waters of the beach are ideal for cooling down. Unwind and take it easy on your own Paradise Island.

Don’t forget your SPF as the white sand and lack of shade makes people prone to sunburns!

Explore the high seas of Flores

Kelor island itself is largely untouched and a beautiful spot to experience true serenity.

It is completely inhabited and no facilities are available on land.

The location of Kelor Island is 1 hour from Labuan Bajo, but this cruise is especially enjoyable. Watch the other islands as they pass by your liveaboard.

You can travel the seas like a true explorer.

The Harbour of Kelor
Kelor's aerial view

Relax on your very own island paradise, often deserted from tourists!

For those who still wish to explore and do activities, Kelor Island still offers amazing opportunities.

With a small but quite steep hill in the centre of the island, discover amazing views from the top. Or why not have fun with some watersports?

Take a paddle board out or have fun with smaller speed boats. There is so much to do and will be fun for the whole family. 

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