An active volcano habouring tricoloured lakes.

Get up close to the active volcano Kelimutu and hike to the lakes

Kelimutu is an active volcano on the island of Flores.

This wild monument of nature is singular due to its tricolored lakes. Sitting at 1700 meters tall, many visitors of the nearby village of Moni enjoy this amazing hike up. 

Arriving at the foot of Kelimutu is a short 14-minute drive from Moni, the capital of Ende.  From there, you will hike up to Inspiration Point. Don’t worry about trying to arrive for sunrise. Due to the volcano’s tendency to be covered by clouds, you won’t have much of a view. Making sure to arrive during a sunny day is a better option if you want sight of the three lakes.

Don’t worry if the day you arrive the lakes aren’t their usual bright colours, the view is beautiful and the aqua blue is memerizing.

Colour changing lakes in the middle of the mountains

The three lakes of Kelimutu are said to change colors.

They usually appear as bright aqua blue. However, you may spot them turn black — even red. This is due to the oxidation of the water, the balance of volcanic gas input, and the rainfall rate. This sadly makes the changing of colors incredibly unpredictable.

However, six changes were counted between January and November 2016. 

Kelimutu is a very green volcano
Kelimutu aqua blue lake

Can you swim in the Kelimutu lakes?

No, sadly.

The lakes have volcanic magma underneath them and high acidity levels. You should refrain of diving in this inviting — yet deadly — lake.

But you don’t have to think about swimming, the views are definitely good enough!

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