Watch as the starry sky is filled with bats

A unique experience watching the endemic flying foxes in their native territory

Pulau Kalong is literally translated to Bat island in Bahasa. This is due to the magnificent show you can watch when dusk hits. It is only a small island that is left usually kept for the evenings as it is incredibly magical just after sunset. This is an unmissable event!

From your liveaboard, you can look up at the orange night sky and watch the flying foxes migrate from one tree to the next. Silhouettes of the Kalong Island bats dance around the island.

This is a beautiful show for any visitors who wish to see wildlife take the stage. During the day, these flying foxes of Kalong Island tend to hang out in the mangroves. 

You can learn more about the bats on our article on the creatures living in the Komodo Islands. Check it out here!

Head over to the island just before dusk hits, close to 6 pm!

A time to reflect and look back on the beauty of Flores in the night time

Situated only 8 km from Labuan Bajo, it is the perfect ending to a day exploring the Flores isles.

Relax with an exquisite cocktail on your traditional Phinisi. Eat a wonderfully grilled BBQ dinner of fresh fish.

Just enjoy and reminisce on the beauty of the islands while staring up at the starry sky. Kalong Island gives you the most beautiful nighttime views.

You will be reminded of the ethereal charm of nature. 
Flying Foxes in Pulau Kalong

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