A bird-watcher’s dream

A jungle adventure through Raja Ampat

Part of the largest islands of Raja Ampat, Pulau Gam is a hilly land filled with beautiful, heavy jungle. Hike your way through the tropical rainforest to greet the beautiful coastline at the end. Fall in love with the ethereal landscape that is the secluded islands of Raja Ampat. Pulau Gam is not something to be missed.

Many villages are located around the island’s southern shores. With basic supplies available in village shops, you will get a feeling of more secluded island life. Disconnect from the outside world for a while and go back in touch with our roots.

Traveling down south of the island also provides an excellent snorkeling spot, but please be careful of the strong currents. However, this is also a great opportunity for a tranquil drift dive through the entire coastline if you are sufficiently prepared.

The best place in Raja Ampat to go bird watching

Spot some of the most iconic tropical birds. When visiting Gam Island, you need to keep a keen eye on the sky for some of the most wondrous sights. Some bird-spotting can include Red Birds of Paradise, Western Crowned Pigeons, Palm Cockatoos, and the Maleo.

Head over to Sawinggrai village, as it is one of the best locations to spot the Red Birds of Paradise.

Don’t hesitate to check out this resource on the other birds you can spot during your stay in Raja Ampat: this extensive Raja Ampat birding report.

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