Two of the most beautiful diving spots in the world.

Cape Kri, The most diverse dive-spot in the entire world

Cape Kri has the world record as being the most diverse dive site in Raja Ampat — and the world. In 2001, a professional diver went to Cape Kri and counted over 280 species in one single dive! You can experience the same thing during your dive down into the underwater wonderland.

It is not a complicated dive in itself — aside from a few strong currents to avoid on your way down. For those who have their PADI deep dive experience, you can even dive down up to 40m.  

The incredible variety of fauna and flora is an incredible experience — discover all kinds of sharks, tropical fish, colorful coral, and tiny macro species in the depths of Cape Kri. 

Have fun counting all the types of fish you see, just don’t forget to check your oxygen while doing it!

Mioskron, the perfect beginner dive for when you have just arrived

With easy dive conditions, Mioskon Island dive is the perfect spot for a check dive. It gives you that first taste of what there is to come on your stay and during your dives in the area. Mioskon is also a perfect dive site for night diving, as it’s home critters like sponge crabs, walkings sharks, harlequin shrimps, and other strange and exciting sea-life.

Only 10 minutes from places like the Raja Ampat Dive Resort, it can also be done as a night dive, when you will find a completely different set of critters like sponge crabs, walking sharks, harlequin shrimps, and many other strange and amazing creatures.

The Mioskron dive site is situated close to Friwin Island, in the Dampier Strait between Waegeo and Batanta. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful dive sites, it offers a gentle dive down a slope of 25 meters, along the coral reef. 

For beginner open-water divers and the odd snorkeler, you will still be enthralled by the wide variety of tropical and pelagic fish: fusiliers, moray eels, humpback parrotfish, and pygmy seahorse… and even the wobbegong shark! This master of disguise is hard to spot, but once you have found it, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of it.

Want your PADI course to be done while you’re on your trip? Contact your yacht charter broker for further information and possibilities!

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