Bareboat Charter

Imagine setting out on your very own charter drifting off to discover the islands! If you have prior sailing experience and prefer to be the skipper on a monohull or catamaran – then a bareboat charter is suitable for you! Yachting Experience is here to offer you the best-selected fleet available for charter in Southeast Asia on the vessel of your choice. Thailand offers you a large choice of bareboat.

We can personally recommend the most magical places to visit and you will have on-site access to a navigational and security briefing prior to your departure. Sail away with your family and friends and explore the open sea as you island-hop across some of the region’s best tropical destinations with the privacy of chartering your own yacht. 

If you choose to bareboat charter for your sailing trip you will be sure to have the freedom and ability to navigate your journey without any disruptions from an onboard crew. 

It is important to remember you are fully responsible for the itinerary, cooking, maintenance and safety of the vessel. A skipper or chef/hostess can be ideal for ensuring you can relax as you sail. A skipper can navigate the boat whilst you spend time learning additional skills and building your confidence.

We recommend you have an experience on a boat of similar size or smaller and it is useful to have a member of your charter, or first mate, who is at the same level as you for added support and safety. 

If it is your first charter without a skipper, we will ask you for a sailing resume to see your prior experience and assess your ability to charter solo. All qualified licence holders or certificates are welcome.

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