A small village on a sand bank

A small sand-bank endangered by rising sea levels

A 30-minute walk is all you need to make your way around Arborek. It is absolutely tiny. Due to it being a flat sandbank, it is sadly one of the islands that are endangered due to rising sea levels. You can cruise to this island from your liveaboard in Raja Ampat.

Arborek is home to a small village, with the help of its fresh groundwater and coconut palms. Due to it being so secluded and having quite a rush of seawater air, there is no jungle or rainforest wildlife on Arborek.

The island is, however, covered with beautiful palm trees and gives off that perfect getaway island vibe. 

Arborek is only an hour and a half from Raja Ampat’s capital, well worth the trip!

A traditional Papuan Village

Looking to stay in a traditional village?

Arborek Village is a comfortable place for a true cultural experience. This small community has cold beers and drinks to cool you from the heated sun. The charm of Arborek itself is from the people living there — Village women have built a thriving community souvenir industry, selling beautifully handmade craftmanship, from Papuan woven sling bags, woven baskets, and colorful manta ray shaped hats. 

You may even want to request a custom made item — or learn how to make your own for a truly authentic experience. Why not stop in for a traditional dance class? 

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