How to rent a yacht in Singapore and why you should definitely do it

Yachting is a pleasurable yet luxurious experience that a lot of people dream of doing. Feeling that ocean air on your own private boat is particularly unique. You get to see unforgettable sights that are usually inaccessible to the general public. Fall in love with the city again but from the water, when you rent a yacht in Singapore.

We know how difficult renting a yacht can seem to be, at first glance. Yet, with the help of a charter broker, you will see how easy it can actually be. We, at Yachting Experience, wanted to make this guide so that you know what happens at all the steps on the way. This first part explains why renting a yacht in Singapore is so amazing, and how to book your yacht.

Why rent a yacht?

Why rent a yacht in Singapore?

Most people overlook the beauty of Singapore’s islands and ocean, as well as all the possibilities it offers. Renting a yacht in Singapore gives you the ability to visit these places. These destinations are particularly unique, due to being secluded and inhabited. Here are just some of the highlights of what you discover when you rent a yacht in Singapore.

(Re)discover Singapore’s nature.

Did you know that some of the Southern Isles are part of a conservation effort for marine life? Take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the forested areas and trails of St John’s Island as well as visit the marine park of Sister’s Island. Trekking through the islands or discovering it by sea is sometimes only possible when you rent a yacht in Singapore.

A great opportunity for unequivocal fun.

With most of the yachts having water toys, when you rent a yacht for a day there are so many great opportunities to reunite with loved ones and friends. Why not try getting that adrenaline rush from zooming on a jetski? Or dive with a snorkel and fins, seeing Singapore in a completely new way?

A misunderstood and forgotten history.

The southern islands around Singapore hide a powerful and interesting culture behind the white sandy beaches and crystal blue water. Some islands are only accessible through when you rent a yacht in Singapore.

Amazing views and a perfect way to escape the thrill of the city.

Take the time to relax on board your private yacht rental for an amazing luxury experience. Go island hopping or simply sunbathe on deck with a cocktail in hand… you’ll get to see so many beautiful sights along the way, ranging from blue lagoons to breathtaking sunsets.

Who is a yacht charter broker and why use them?

Using a yacht charter broker in Singapore is essential.

Why go through the hassle of being in contact with ten different yacht owners at once, with all their own terms and conditions, pricing, and timetables…? When somebody could be doing all that hard work for you — for no extra cost.

It’s a no-brainer, renting a private yacht directly through an owner can lead to surprises, and not necessarily good ones. 

A yacht broker’s job is to centralize everything. By having a database of yachts, they are able to give you the perfect selection of hand-picked yachts that suit all your needs. 

At Yachting Experience, we choose the best and offer only the most up-to-standard yachts that we know will provide excellent service, with an impeccable captain and crew.

Is it expensive to rent a yacht with a broker?

No. At Yachting Experience, we do not put mark-ups on our yacht prices.

Sadly, some agents do put an extra mark-up on their prices. With Yachting Experience, there are no extra fees when hiring directly from our brokers. You will get the same price from us as directly with a private yacht owner. We take pride in having no markups on our prices.

Are there any hidden costs?

No! There are no hidden broker fees to be afraid of — the price, with added GST, is the only payment you will have to make.

Additional add-ons have a clear price that your charter broker will inform you of. Fuel is always included in the price. 

However, if you feel like your experience was particularly memorable, crew gratuities are always appreciated.

How far in advance should I contact a yacht charter broker?

The best option is to book a few months in advance, especially if you are looking to rent a yacht in Singapore during the holidays.

2 months before the departure date is the advised amount of time. 

However, there is always room for a last-minute booking. 

f you wish to book a certain yacht or to know what is available at a specific date, you can contact your charter broker directly for further information.

Can I reserve the boat while I think about it?

We can hold the boat for two days, giving you the time to make a decision. After this, however, if there is no payment, please keep in mind that we cannot hold it for longer. Your charter broker will let you know any information. 

When is my yacht charter broker available?

We check requests all week and strive to respond within 8 hours. 

(Please take into account normal sleeping patterns. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible)

How can I contact my yacht charter broker?

There are numerous ways of getting in contact with your charter broker. These are the different options we offer at Yachting Experience 

  • E-mail
  • Whats-app
  • Telegram
  • Phone Number

What should I say to my yacht charter broker?

1. What yachting experience do you wish to have?

Selecting the type of experience you wish to have onboard your yacht rental in Singapore is the most important part when selecting a yacht. Whether it is for a big family reunion or just a honeymoon getaway, there is a lot of options to choose from. 

A. Type of boats

Choosing the type of boat is an important step when chartering a yacht. Discussing with your yacht charter broker can be a great way to ensure the boat itself fits all your needs. In Singapore, there are two types of boats that are the most commonly used:

  • A catamaran, which is a yacht that has two hulls, a larger deck, and a fuller cockpit compared to its length,
  • A monohull, which has one hull, is often nicknamed a motor yacht. It is easier to maneuver and is great for those who wish to seek thrills. 
B. How many people and size of your yacht rental

Another important factor when choosing a yacht to rent is the number of people that will be onboard. Our boats at Yachting experience can hold from 1 to 50 people. Whether you are looking for a secluded relaxing experience or to host a big celebration, there is a lot of different choices depending on your needs. The boats range from 33 feet to 75 feet long. 

C. Special Events

Do you wish to charter a yacht for a specific event or celebration? Renting a yacht is a great way to celebrate in style and in a beautiful destination. Here is a list of special events that are great to host on a boat:

  • Family vacation
  • Romantic weekend
  • Adventure with friends
  • Birthday celebration
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Family reunion
  • Corporate event
  • Gala dinner
D. Crew

Due to the smaller size of boats in Singapore, there is usually one or two members of the crew on board, with the captain. 

Special events can sometimes necessitate more crew on board, talk with your charter broker about special conditions and events where you will need a specialized member of the crew. 

E. Add ons

Every boat has its own add-ons which are either included or excluded from the initial price. By checking the boat profile or by discussing with your charter broker, you can discover each yacht’s amenity availability. For example, some boats may have water toys, water slides, fishing rods, big floaties, a trampoline,… some even have a jetski which can be added to the initial rental price!

F. Food

Don’t feel like bringing your own food onboard? Ask your charter broker for catering options with a trusted caterer. You can even have the option of getting a BBQ service and get fresh cuts of meat and seafood while looking at the beauty of Lazarus Island’s bay!

Due to the increase in specific dietary needs, we at Yachting Experience ensure you that everybody has a place on board and can assist you in choosing a caterer of BBQ service that accommodates you and your guests.

Your charter broker is here to make sure you have a great experience on one of our boats and will take pride in ensuring that all your needs are met. 

2. What is your budget?

Your budget is also an important measure to take into consideration. Yachting can be a luxurious experience, but we do realize that it comes at a certain price. Discussing budget ranges with your yacht charter broker is a great way for getting the perfect yacht for your needs, and your wallet.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Singapore?

When thinking of yachts initially, especially in Singapore, you probably think of the price. We get it — renting a private yacht sounds like a luxury experience. 

You may feel like the initial price is expensive. However, if you take into consideration the price of the boat itself, the crew onboard and their expertise, the amenities, and the running cost itself, chartering is still an affordable option with a lot to offer. 

For important events in your life or special occasions, chartering a yacht is a great way to celebrate in style. 

3.  When to rent your yacht in Singapore?

When choosing yachts, you will have to discuss possible departure dates. Prices and options will fluctuate depending on the availability on a public holiday or during school vacation — having an idea of possible dates is an important measure to take into consideration. 

Are you more of a morning person or a night person? Time slots or choosing an overnight charter is also important to discuss as each boat has a set number of cabins and beds. 

Most of the Singapore boat rentals offer two-time slots for chartering a half-day, with the possibility to extend to a full day or even an overnight trip. 

You either have the option to rent starting from:

  • the morning, from 9 am/10 am to mid-afternoon, giving you ample time to enjoy the marine air and visit the islands before getting too crowded, or;
  • late afternoon to mid-evening, giving you the possibility to see the beautiful sunset over Singapore’s Marina Bay and skyline. 

Each boat has its own allocated chartering times but most resemble this pattern. There is always a possibility to ask for more hours at an extra fee. 

Most of the boats we offer have cabins and room for overnight stays, this is a great opportunity to visit the more secluded destinations of the southern isles. 

How long should I rent my yacht for?

Depending on the event and your needs, this can range. If you are just looking for a quick getaway to the Southern Islands of Singapore, you may wish to just have a 4h charter, which is the minimum time you can spend. However, for bigger events or a wish to have an overnight staycation in Singapore, you can charter a boat for an overnight experience or a full week’s holiday.

Can I stay overnight on the yacht? 

Yes. Some yachts have cabins and ample space for sleeping, so if you wish to extend your holiday a bit longer, you are free to. 

What if there is bad weather?

In case of heavy rain, the Captain will decide what is the next course of action regarding the charter. The departure may be delayed. If conditions do not improve and are not safe for cruising, the charter will be rescheduled to a later date (subject to availability). Rescheduling is subject to the captain’s discretion.

In any case, passengers need to be present at the Marina at the allocated charter departure time and no cancellations on the day are permitted.

Are the boats available during public/school holidays?

On public holidays and eve of, there may be a surcharge of 20% on top of the price for that specific day (weekend or weekday prices).

Please keep in mind that public and school holidays are very popular chartering times — we highly recommend booking well in advance to ensure you get the perfect boat for your needs. 

What itinerary should I choose?

It all depends on where you want to go and what you want to do.

When renting a yacht in Singapore, you will have the option of either choosing a time slot or having an overnight rental itinerary. The rule is usually the longer you stay on the boat, the further you can explore.

For half days, you will go to Lazarus and St John’s island and pass close to Sister’s Island. You will also get to see the sunset over Marina Bay if you are on the later time slot charter.

For an overnight yacht charter, you can explore further the Southern islands and even cross the border.

A sailing itinerary example for a day charter in Singapore

  1. We will gather 15 minutes before the attributed charter time. This will give us the opportunity to meet up and make sure you are all set for the perfect cruising experience. Don’t hesitate to check your booking for the location and time.
  2. Welcome aboard your chartered yacht! So as to make sure you have the most enjoyable and relaxing cruise, we want to ensure that all safety measures are taken. Once it is completed, we are ready to start!
  3. Enjoy the fresh sea air and the beautiful panoramic view of the Marina. The cruise to the islands lasts about 25 minutes – just enough time to enjoy a cocktail while taking in the landscapes of the Southern Isles.
  4. With all the water toys available and incredible sea life, there is no limit to the fun in the water. For those who wish to relax, you can completely indulge with the food and beverage onboard while sunbathing on deck.
  5. 5. Once we have lifted the anchor, we will set sail and return to the Marina. For those traveling in the evening, this gives you the perfect chance to see Marina Bay and Singapore’s skyline light up at night!

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

Once your charter broker has received payment, you will receive a confirmation of payment from your charter broker, and your rental is therefore confirmed. 

Then they will send you a boarding pass with useful information and contact for the boat captain to plan your arrival. 

Congratulations! You have just booked the event of a lifetime and are ready for the day you rent a yacht in Singapore.

All you need to do that is wait for the amazing day to come and let your guests know! Your charter broker will handle everything from here — check out our guide of what to do to prepare for your yacht and what happens once you’re on.

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