How to make the most of your yachting experience in Singapore

How to make the most of your yachting experience in Singapore. So you just finished your booking for your yachting experience in Singapore. Now all you have to do is wait for this amazing day to come! However, this is the perfect opportunity to prepare for the day in advance and let your charter broker know of any last-minute arrangements you should need to make — whether that is to do with the yacht itself, the add-ons, or even the food you would want to have.

In short, are you looking to make the most of your yachting experience in Singapore? We’ve made this handy guide so that you know what to expect during your day, and what to bring on onboard. 

How do I get to my yacht rental?

For getting to your yacht, you will be in contact with your captain so that you get to the right place at the right time.

All of our boats at Yachting Experience are at the 1°15 Marina in Sentosa. 

Getting there is relatively easy as it has ample space for parking your car. The cost of the parking is around 2 SGD per hour. 

Taxi services, like uber and grab, can get you there with ease if you want to be catered for the whole way there. Likewise, special occasion vehicles such as limousines can be ordered by your charter broker. They will drop you off at the entry of the Marina and the Captain will meet you at the assigned meeting point:

Meeting Point at One Degree 15 Marina
11 Cove Drive, #01-01 098497 Sentosa
  • From the airport to Sentosa, it takes roughly 40 minutes.
  • From Marina Bay to Sentosa, it takes just under 20 minutes.

What are the crew like on a yacht rental?

Can I do bareboat in Singapore (yachts with no crew)?

No, sadly.

Due to legislation in Singapore, it is forbidden for boat-licensed pleasure-craft holders to navigate commercial yachts. To clarify, only private boat owners and professional crew can sail.

If you want to do a bareboat, Yachting Experience offers beautiful catamarans in Thailand that can give you the freedom of being a sailor on the high seas.

What kind of crew is available on board?

There is usually a captain and 1 deckhand on board at all times. They ensure smooth navigation and above all take care of the security of passengers. They can also potentially help to cook (however they are not cooks!). 

If there is a need for a specific member of the crew or you want to bring your own private chef onboard please don’t hesitate to ask your charter broker

Will the crew be trained in First Aid and CPR?

The crew has training in first aid and CPR. There is an emergency medical supply onboard that is fit to the standard of national maritime laws. 

Should I tip the crew after my charter?

If the service was as expected, it is always welcomed to tip your crew at the end of the charter. It is up to the guest to choose how much they should be tipped.

Eating on your yacht charter

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Most yachts have a kitchen area with amenities for keeping food chilled or heating up your lunch or dinner on the seas. Each boat has its own amenities so please check with your charter broker to know the availabilities.

That is to say, all boats have the amenities to heat up food if you wish to bring your own dinner on board. 

Can I cook onboard the yacht?

Most yachts have a kitchen area with amenities for keeping food chilled or heating up your lunch or dinner on the seas.

Each boat has its own amenities so please check with your charter broker to know the availabilities.

All boats have the amenities to heat up food if you wish to bring your own dinner on board. 

Can I drink alcohol on board?

Yes, you can drink alcohol on board. However, it is heavily discouraged to do any excessive drinking.

On the other hand, drinks that could stain furniture, such as red wine, is forbidden on some charters as it could damage white seating.

Do I have to bring my own cutlery?

Some boats offer cutlery add-ons, however, we invite you to bring your own cutlery and plate on board if you so wish. All boats come with cups. 

Additionally, if you choose the BBQ-add-on with food included you will be provided with cutlery.

As we at Yachting Experience wish to make as little of an impact on sea life as we can, we ask you to please refrain from bringing plastic cutlery on board.

They are also very light and can easily be thrown overboard. 

As an alternative, you may not want to bring your own valuable cutlery, you may bring bamboo or other environmentally friendly cutlery.

What kind of food do you provide?

Most yachts offer the possible add-on service of a BBQ onboard. This can be served with your own food or with food brought from the crew. 

A caterer can also be used if you do not wish to do any cooking. Each yacht has its own catering service. 

What should I bring to my yacht rental in Singapore?

Recommended list of items to bring


  • Sunscreen,
  • Seasickness tablets – tablets should be taken 30 minutes before the charter,
  • Swimming gear, swimming & bath towels,
  • Dry clothing,
  • Camera to capture your memorable outing,
  • Bluetooth iPod /iPhone /Android – you can plug your favorite tunes into the on-board entertainment system by syncing in with Bluetooth,
  • Passport – in the event your pre-arranged charter includes travel outside of Singapore, all persons on board are required to have valid travel documents and visas.

Is there any wifi or mobile coverage on board?

Mobile phone data and calls are fully functional and you should still be able to connect to the internet while onboard. For wifi, some of our boats have wireless routers and give you the possibility to connect to the internet via wifi. 

There are power sockets on board all of our yachts.

Is smoking aloud on board?

Please let your charter broker know if there are any smokers. It is up to the captain’s discretion to choose whether you can smoke on board and where/when you can do it.

Can I bring my dog on board?

Depends on the weight, size, and temperament of the dog and how it will feel on board.

However, some of our boats sadly do not accept our furry friends. 

Are children and pregnant women allowed on board?

Yes, of course, but they are your responsibility to make sure they stay safe and are in good condition to be on board.

What can’t I do while on my yacht rental in Singapore?

All yacht charters have their own terms and conditions.

This is a non-exhaustive list of things that are forbidden to do onboard:

  • being drunk or doing any excessive drinking
  • drugs or other illegal activities
  • red wine
  • not respecting the crew 
  • anything that could potentially damage the boat

Please review the terms and conditions for more.

Cancellations and Rescheduling your yacht rental

What are your terms and conditions?

Every boat will have its own terms and conditions. 

Yachting Experience adapts to the conditions of each boat and you will be made aware of any particular policies in the contract. Cancellation and rescheduling is up to the boat.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my booking?

Each contract has its own conditions. However, we will make sure to accommodate you as much as possible and some arrangements can be made when considering the circumstances. 

Moreover, you will have access to all the specific policies and information in your charter agreement contract. 

The rule, that is often used in the service industry, is that more penalties will appear the closer to the boat departure date. 

However, keep in mind that if Yachting Experience finds a new charterer for your time slot, you will possibly be reimbursed the total amount. 

To sum up, you have just become a yachting expert in Singapore. You now know everything you need to expect from your yachting experience. 

Meanwhile, all the crew on your yacht and the charter brokers are getting ready to guarantee you the best time. Above all, what is left, is for you and your guests to have a unique experience on the day. 

We are excited to have you onboard and let’s set sail for the southern isles!

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