10 reasons why the Eagle Wings yacht is the most luxury boat for rent in Singapore

Eagle Wings yacht is the most luxury yacht
In this list, we at Yachting Experience are going to tell you the 10 reasons why the Eagle Wings Yacht is the most luxury yacht in Singapore — and why you should probably think about renting it on your next staycation.

When you think of luxury yachting areas in the world, you usually imagine a few particular places. I could pretty safely bet that you imagined Monaco. How about Hong Kong? Dubai, maybe? 

Well, don’t forget about adding Singapore to your luxury boating list. The up-and-coming yachting scene in this metropolitan dream is not something that can be ignored!

In the last year, some of us have been missing our time onboard or haven’t yet had the opportunity to try the yachting experience in Singapore at all. With ongoing travel restrictions and risks, you’ve probably been stuck at home like the rest of us. But this shouldn’t stop us from having some sort of fun. You can still very much enjoy a Singapore staycation of some sort. 

What if I told you that Singapore had amazing vessels for luxury yachting — notably the famous Eagle Wings I yacht from the Eagle Wings group?

Bordering on super

The Eagle Wings yacht is one of the biggest yachts for rent in Singapore.
Of course, when thinking of luxury yachts, we think of how long they are. This is actually what differentiates yachts, superyachts, and mega yachts. Obviously, the bigger the yacht, the more facilities, and amenities. 

Eagle Wings I is no exception to this rule, sailing at 20 meters (!), or 68 feet long. This epic yacht can hold up to 50 people, making it an amazing venue for any type of party, whether birthday, anniversary, wedding, or corporate. 

The space onboard is mostly due to the yacht itself being a catamaran — with almost 300 square meters of living space! This is usually the surface space of a superyacht. 

300 square meters of living space — and seating for all your guests

Whether you’re having a big family gathering or choosing to use a yacht as your venue of choice for your next event (good choice by the way), the Eagle Wings Sunreef 68 is equipped with a lot of seating space for you and all your guests. If you want to enjoy a formal dinner on board, Eagle Wings is equipped with a 10-seater dining table. If you’re leaning more towards a few cocktails out of the heat, there is also a ten-seater coffee table and huge deck sofas.

(Oh, did I forget to mention there is also a state-of-the-art massage chair?)

Take a warm dip in paradise

Yes — The Eagle Wings yacht has a light-up jacuzzi on board.

So you like yachting but are not a fan of taking a dip in Singapore’s waters. It could be because you’re not too much of a fan of salt water. Maybe it is a bit too cold, or not clear enough for your liking? 

To be honest — it’s probably the lack of massage jets and comfortable seating. Even though fish and white sand can be intriguing at first, nothing beats the luxury relaxation of a jacuzzi on your own private yacht. The idea itself is quite impressive: a floating pool on a giant pool — water inception. 

(Leonardo DiCaprio would be impressed.)

So many different water sports activities to try

The great thing about yachting on Eagle Wings is their activities, making the whole experience accessible to all ages, ranges, and types of people. If you’re more on the wilder side of life, then you’ll be enthralled by what this luxury yacht in Singapore has to offer.

Race with your friends on 4 different two-seater kayaks or try your hand at sailing with sail dinghies. The warm air and chilled-out waters make it the perfect place to try out these sporty activities.

If you’re more into diving, dive in the ocean highway with the propeller sea scooter or go snorkeling the depths. There is non-stop exciting fun to be had onboard — and overboard. 

Your very own gourmet chef

A gourmet food experience or a seafood bbq directly on the water.

Picture this — you’ve been on your yacht for two hours now. Between jumping in and out of the ocean, zooming on a jetski and relaxing with tropical cocktails on the deck, you feel a slight rumble in your stomach. You’re starting to get a bit hungry.

Eagle Wings offers some of the best onboard food you could dream of, and this isn’t anything like you’re ordinary picnic or airplane food.

With a personal gourmet chef and three buffet menus to choose from when chartering the Eagle Wings yacht is the most luxury yacht, and that rumbling will leave as fast as it came.

Enjoy eating fresh crab tartlets, a smoked salmon platter or even some Toriyama Wagyu Beef Cubes. For those who really want to enjoy the boating life, a seafood bbq is also available. YUM!

Why stay 4 hours when you can stay more?

Maybe four hours just isn’t enough. We get it — the luxury of a private yacht is somewhat addicting.

(this is why we made yachting experience in the first place, so we can share that amazing freedom-inspiring feeling with you).

Eagle Wings yacht is the most luxury yacht that has the option of spending time overnight and we guarantee you that it is totally worth it. With 4 queen cabins, decorated in an elegant and classy design, you are sure to have a sweet sleep even after hours of partying— (or relaxation, we don’t judge!) — onboard. Each cabin has ample room and its own ensuite. This is ideal for those who wish to freshen up before dinner or get in their swimsuit for a late-night swim…

Sing and dance until dawn

Amazing entertainment facilities for fun all night.

However, before we think about doing any kind of sleeping — you will probably be taken away by the amazing entertainment facilities on this very boat! 

Turn your private yacht rental into your own live concert. With an ultra-modern karaoke machine and piano in the main saloon, wow your guests with your amazing musical talents (or just have some unapologetic fun!). Whether you’re thinking about rocking out to classic oldies or dancing to this year’s pop tunes, you will definitely find the music in you onboard the Eagle Wings yacht is the most luxury yacht in Singapore.

Jetskiing at sunset, need I say more?

Oh, you won’t want to miss out on this adrenaline-inducing opportunity. Jetskiing in Singapore is truly an amazing experience. One of the add-ons to the Eagle Wings Yacht is the possibility of hiring a towable and jetskis for your yacht charter in Singapore.

What’s not to like? Ride through the orange-hued waves of the ocean and nearly literally — drive into the sunset. With Marina Bay as your backdrop, you better remember that you’re not actually dreaming after being in awe of this jaw-dropping view.

Now that’s the definition of cool.

An automated Mahjong table

For those who want to truly relax.

You’ve made it clear to your family and friends — you didn’t come on this yacht to try out water sports or drive a jetski at 40 miles an hour. This is a staycation, remember? Your plan is to relax and enjoy a luxurious time on board. Don’t worry a single bit.

The Eagle Wings yacht has all the amenities you might want to truly sit back, and relax.

Did you know they have an automated mahjong table? Have a friendly competition with your family and friends to find out who truly is the mahjong master onboard.

The Eagle Wings yacht has a five-star crew

Last but certainly not least, what really makes a yachting experience so unique and special is the amazing crew on board. The Eagle Wings Sunreef 68 yacht in Singapore has onboard the most highly trained crew, to ensure you have an absolute whale of a time. With an experienced captain, incredibly helpful deckhands, gourmet chefs, and impeccable waiters, there is nothing to be worried about when taking your first step onboard. They will welcome you with open arms and fresh iced water.

Welcome aboard indeed.


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